Mail your beauty shears for sharpening:

  • Print and fill out the Mail Order Service Form.
  • Please indicate the service desired, and/or the symptoms you are experiencing. Provide a separate explanation for each item needing repair.
  • Enclose a credit card number or personal check to cover inspection fees and/or sharpening fees (see below for costs). Credit cards will be charged after the service is completed. We also accept PayPal payments.
  • Pack and ship your items to:
    DB Shears
    1005 Lindin Dr.
    Jeannette, PA 15601
  • I will contact you with final service costs or estimates for repairs. Sharpening service is normally completed within 3 working days from receipt of the items. Return shipping and insurance charges will apply.


Number of Shears Cost
One Shear $25
Three Shears $60
Additional Shears $25/each
As always, all prices include shipping back to you.
Please insure your shears for proper amount when shipping.

    Send me a message if you are mailing your shears!